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Jolyn Jones was born and educated in the suburbs of London and did

her initial training as a lawyer in London.  On qualification as a

solicitor she moved to the Midlands and continued her career as a

commercial lawyer, initially in a finance house subsidiary of one of the

big banks and later in the automotive industry.  When the British

automotive industry went into decline she joined a Birmingham Law

firm as one of their first woman partners. Later she set up her own

commercial practice.


Jolyn has always loved flying and trained for her private pilot's licence

at Birmingham Airport where she took her turn along with the jets landing there.  She subsequently became hooked on hot air balloons and obtained her pilot's licence for balloons and had her own hot air balloon, Genevieve.


Spain has always been a favourite holiday destination and it was on a walking holiday in Andalucia that she was inspired to write this book.  


Although a former Spanish boyfriend did propose to her at a bus stop in London, it was raining at the time and not conducive to romance.  Instead she met her husband in Birmingham.


Jolyn is married and lives with her husband and two cats in a small Midlands town in England.

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